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How it Works


Super-simple set up.

To create your 1-Minute Website, simply log into your Gig Salad account, go to "1 Minute Websites", name your site and pick a design. Text, photos, videos, reviews and more are automatically pulled from your Gig Salad PromoKit and displayed on your website. It literally takes seconds to create a new website!

Feature-rich, and easy to edit.

One minute may sound like too little time for creating a great website, but 1-Minute websites have everything a performer or event service provider needs. With photo and video galleries, agent friendly options, gig calendar, audio player, performance details, booking info and more, it's the perfect no-cost solution for super-easy website maintenance.

Because 1-Minute Websites pull all of your files and info straight from your Gig Salad PromoKit, any edit you make to your PromoKit will appear automatically and instantly on any and all of the sites you create.

Get a personalized address.

Every 1-Minute Website, while still hosted through us, is located at bookastar.com. Always wanted to have a snazzy, catchy address? Why not make it bookastar.com/my-act-is-awesome, or bookastar.com/hiremetoday? You can make it whatever you like, assuming that nobody else has beat you to the address. So get over there and start your 1-Minute Website now to get the best name!

If you'd like to use your own domain name, simply login to your domain name host and create a "Frame Redirect" from your name to your Book a Star website.

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Work with booking agents? With Book a Star you can create up to 21 different websites, each with a different booking contact, and a different design. Mix and match by creating 3 different types of websites, all free for Gig Salad Featured members:



Up to 1GB of space for raw video, and unlimited YouTube, Vimeo and Google Videos!


Put your best tunes on your site with 1GB of space, and include set lists and staging details.


Unlimited space for displaying your photos.
Performance Info

Performance Info

Display your fees, set list, gig calendar, contact info and more.


Your Gig Salad reviews show up automatically on each of your websites, showing potential buyers what to expect.

Easy Customization

With a few clicks you can change the design, title and home page description with our super-simple editor.


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Sample 1-Minute Websites

Our 1-Minute websites are super-simple to set up. Choose a design and name your website. We'll do the rest, automatically.
Clean Theme
Dark Theme
Default Theme
Dot Theme
Electric Theme
Fresh Theme
Play Misty Theme
Rock Theme
Sketch Theme
Sky Theme
Square Theme
Star Theme
Vintage Theme


Remember, you can have up to twenty-one 1-Minute websites, all pulling info, images, songs and video straight from your Gig Salad PromoKit. And the best part is that it's FREE with your Featured Gig Salad membership.

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